NYC Department of Education responds to report on Arts Education in NYC Schools

By Theodore Wiprud

The New York State Comptroller’s office recently published an audit concerning arts education in New York City’s public schools.  This report speaks to the essential issue of whether the City is meeting state law, at a minimum, in what it provides our students, by examining how a random sample of high school students met their graduation requirement in the arts.  Following is the NYC Department of Education’s response.

The Department finds the OSC’s conclusions about arts education in New York City high schools to be misguided. For all  students sampled, the Comptroller validated that the students earned at least two credits in the arts, as required. Many of the errors the Comptroller cited were based on an unclear documentation requirement, but do not suggest that students did not receive required arts instruction. The Department agrees with the Comptroller’s recommendations, as they restate the requirements in the Arts, and agrees that it must clarify records retention requirements, as this is an important part of tracking compliance.

Read the complete audit.


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