Mayoral Candidates Share Vision for the Future of Arts Education

In what is already a busy election season, the leading mayoral candidates have weighed in on what a quality education, including the arts, will look like if they are elected to City Hall.  And, in some cases, it looks quite different than what we are seeing today.

The Roundtable, as part of a coalition of more than 40 arts and education organizations, has asked each of the declared 2013 mayoral candidates to share their vision for arts in education in public schools. The ideas they proposed are encouraging:

• Reducing the emphasis on testing and test preparation to make room for the arts
• Putting in place dedicated arts funding at each and every city school
• Including the arts in the school accountability system

Want to see more about what they have to say in their own words? View the responses here.  And please check out the great piece in the Wall Street Journal:

This is a critical moment for the future of education in New York City. In big cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland, civic leaders have joined together with parents, students, cultural organizations and businesses to advance ambitious plans to expand access to arts education. Now it is New York City’s turn.


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