Roundtable Annual Kick-Off Introduces a Newly-Launched Website! (Jessica Wilt)

(Above: Board Members/Program Committee Co-Chairs Alex Sarian and Alex Santiago-Jirau, Guest Speaker and Director of TED-Ed Logan Smalley, Board Member/Communications Committee Co-Chair Maggie Koozer, Managing Director Lisa Beth Vettoso, and Board Member/Communications Committee Co-Chair Nelle Stokes)

The New York City Arts in Education Roundtable held its Annual Kick-Off on Monday, September 24, 2012 at the American Airlines Theatre in midtown Manhattan. It proved to be a wonderful night for the Roundtable community, featuring a guest speaker from TED-Ed and an exciting announcement about the Roundtable’s new, interactive website.

After a brief welcome from Roundtable co-chair Kati Koerner and Program Committee co-chairs Alex Santiago-Jirau and Alex Sarian, the evening’s guest speaker, Logan Smalley, Director of TED-Ed, gave an introduction to the website and how educators can utilize the technology in classrooms and beyond.

Next up: the Roundtable’s new website! With technology evolving at lightning speed, the Roundtable Board of Directors made a decision two years ago to launch a website redesign process as part of the organization’s strategic plan. After substantial effort by a few dedicated people, a sneak peek of the new site was offered by Communication Committee co-chairs Maggie Koozer and Nelle Stokes, as well as the Roundtable’s new Managing Director, Lisa Beth Vettoso.

Stokes, who spent countless hours working with the website redesign committee, said, “Revamping the website was a way to accomplish the goals of making the Roundtable the ‘go to’ group for arts education information in New York City and beyond.” Attendees were able to familiarize themselves with the new site after presentations were given. The room was abuzz with enthusiasm!

New features of the Roundtable website include:

• A Job Listings page where member organizations may post employment opportunities.
• An Events Calendar highlighting important programs, conferences, and events that benefit the arts education community.
• An exciting Roundtable Blog that will feature guest contributors from the field of arts education.
“The Telling Tales” page featuring short story video interviews with discussion around the “transformative power of Arts in Education.” Check out Eric Booth’s compelling teaching artist story!
• A Featured Organization page that highlights the work that Roundtable members are doing in the arts education field.

Roundtable membership will also now benefit from additional features such as renewing membership through an online profile module. This new feature will help speed up membership renewal as well as provide access to a more robust, personalized member profile for each member organization. As the website continues to be fine-tuned, additional features will be added and enhanced. Everyone who was involved in the redesign process is thrilled that the new site has officially launched!

All in all, the evening was a resounding success! Attendees left feeling energized and excited for the upcoming year filled with interesting and information Roundtable events!

-Jessica Wilt (with contributions by Lisa Beth Vettoso)



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