Congratulations from Paul King, Executive Director of the Office of Arts and Special Projects

Paul King, Executive Director of the Office of Arts and Special Projects at the New York City Department of Education, congratulates the Roundtable on the launch of the new website:

Congratulations to the Roundtable on this wonderful new website! I hope that you share my excitement about the commitment that the Roundtable has made in launching this forum for sharing and discussion. This new site captures the energy, dedication, and sense of community shared by the Roundtable and its members. Like the Roundtable itself, this new site addresses important issues and challenges in arts education and fills a need in this diverse field.

It is hard to believe that it has been over twenty years since the genesis of the
Roundtable. Unlike other service organizations, the Roundtable does the near-impossible in bringing together constituents from multiple disciplines with a wide range of expertise and opinions. The array of programs, forums, discussions, and professional development that the Roundtable has produced over the past two decades is a testament to its mission: to serve all its members, and to be responsive to the changing trends and mandates in arts education.

Along with its dedicated service to arts and cultural partners, the Roundtable represents and advocates for the arts and cultural community with the New York City Department of Education. Our invaluable partner organizations provide an impressive and important array of arts and cultural programs, performances, and instructional services for both DOE teachers and students. The commitment of our partners makes New York City unique both in scope and in access to quality of arts education programs.

Many of the Roundtable organizations were key partners in the creation of the Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, and they continue to work with the DOE on professional development, arts leadership training, and the creation of arts performance tasks. The relationship of the Roundtable and the DOE continues to evolve, but the nature of the partnership remains strong and vital with a shared commitment to serving all of New York City’s students with rich and rigorous arts learning.

This new website can provide enormous potential benefit to the arts education
community, both in New York City and on a national stage. As an extension of the democratic and communal nature of the Roundtable, it is my hope that this website becomes a common ground for practitioners to meet and to share experiences, information, and ideas. This site will ideally become an important resource for furthering our shared mission of improving and advancing the field of arts education in New York City and across the nation.

Again, congratulations!


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