Why Arts Education?

What’s happening in the field of arts education? In classrooms? In communities? In the office? What challenges do you face? What would you like to know to improve your practice?

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Day of Learning 2019: Action Learning Session Resources

Online Resources

Exploring the Process and Commitment of Becoming Better Social Justice Orgs

Chart Paper Takeaways


NYC Department of Education – Helpful Links

The NYC Department of Education recently restructured its website to better communicate with constituents and NYC DOE personnel:

  • Main NYC DOE site (schools.nyc.gov) will be primarily for parents and families‎.
  • Info Hub (infohub.nyced.org) will be for cultural partners and other constituents with public facing resources.
  • WeTeachNYC (weteachnyc.org) will house materials and resources for educators; some content will require a NYC DOE login.

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Are you an arts administrator looking for more information about working in the field? Check back with us soon for resources and information on networking, funding streams, working with schools, working with funders, working with teaching artists, curriculum planning, common core standards, and other relevant topics.

What is Art Space Sanctuary?

“What is Art Space Sanctuary?

The actions taken by this federal administration point to its determination to consolidate power and launch wide-ranging assaults on selective populations, including migrants, refugees, Muslims, Latinx, Black, women, and LGBTQ communities, as well as artists, academics, scientists, and the press. It is imperative that we stand up and say NO! to such actions, policies and laws.

Everyone should have access to education, culture and the arts without any fear.

Short-Term Sanctuary



This week, “Short-Term Sanctuary” would practically mean:

  1. Display the attached “S” symbol in your windows, on your doors, and on your church signs, so that Friends who are looking for a safe space in your neighborhood can find your building and know that they can come inside and be shielded from ICE.
  2. Equip your congregation with the attached “How to be a Buddy”

2017-2018 Annual Arts in Schools Report

To access and download the full Annual Arts in Schools Report, please click here.

Under the leadership of Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Fariña, New York City has continued to make the arts a priority for all its public schools. The arts enrich our children’s lives and learning, and all students deserve the opportunity to experience a rich arts education. This focus on the arts began in 2004 with the introduction of the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts,

Additional Lawyers Alliance for New York

Click here to access our webinar “Turning Promises into Contracts” with Lawyers Alliance for New York – essential information on contract basics.

Please note, you will need to access that link with a PC running Windows 2000 or greater and Windows Media Player set as your default for streaming media in order to view and listen to the recording.

Additional Lawyers Alliance for New York webinars on a variety of themes,

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Are you a teacher or school administrator looking for more information about arts education in schools? Check back with us soon for resources and information on networking, lesson planning, classroom management, common core standards, working with teaching artist residencies, and other relevant topics.


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The Roundtable is an active advocate for arts in education and the availability of high quality arts education for all NYC school students. Learn more about current local, state and national issues, and what you can do to make a difference.

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Real stories about the transformative power of arts in education

Farah Taslima from NYC Arts in Education Roundtable

Farah Taslima was a shy 3rd grader when she began working in the NY Phil’s Very Young Composers. Now 17, she has heard the Philharmonic perform her music – at home and abroad – and become a teacher of yet younger composers.

Advocacy Resources

Information and resources for the field of Arts Education.


Theatre Communications Group
League of American Orchestras
Arts Education Partnerships (AEP)
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
Americans for the Arts
NYC Arts Coalition

Facts, Figures, & Information

Arts Education: Creating Student Success in School, Work, and Life
Americans for the Arts data on the benefit and decline of arts education
Art in Education Program at the U.S. Department of Education (issue brief)
Americans for the Arts Field Guide

Take Action

New York City Arts in Education Candidate Survey Project
One Percent for Culture
Americans for the Arts Action Center
NYC AiE Roundtable