10:15 AM – 11:45 AM | SESSION I

A. A 360-Degree View of the Teaching Artist Audition Process
Kati Koerner, Hiltz Director of Education, Lincoln Center Theater; Courtney J. Boddie, Director of Education/School Engagement, The New Victory Theater; Jennifer DiBella, Director of Education, Roundabout Theater Company

This hands-on session for artists and program administrators will give participants a window into the teaching artist hiring processes of three major cultural institutions. Participants will take part in and evaluate sample audition activities and consider how best to showcase their teaching skills on an application or during an in-person audition. The session will also address the alignment of the teaching artist hiring process and institutional needs and values.


B. Creating Visionary Youth: Large Ensemble Improvisation and Young Musicians
Jeff Lederer and Jessica Jones, Co-Artistic Directors, Visionary Youth Orchestra, Arts for Art

The presenters will lead a workshop in large ensemble improvisation strategies, including conducting, visualization exercises, and the use of graphic scores and game pieces. The workshop will conclude with a demonstration by students from the Visionary Youth Orchestra and special guests.


C. How to Make Impact Evaluation Work for You
David Lavin, Founder and Director, Spark Impact; Aaron Siegel, Assistant Director of Learning and Engagement Programs, Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute; Meredith Dean, Clinical Program Director, The Animation Project

Organizations of every size and capacity can integrate meaningful, doable, and affordable program assessment and evaluation into their processes in a way that serves institutional growth and learning. Learn from two organizations of contrasting size about how to manage and use an effective evaluation system, then hear an expert answer some of the burning questions from the field.


D. Redefining Power
Lucia Scheckner, Education Director, Donna Costello, Education Programs Consultant and Lead Facilitator, Angie Pittman, BAX Teaching Artist, Danielle “Dani” Criss, BAX Teaching Artist, Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Brooklyn Arts Exchange’s workshop invites participants to consider and question manifestations of white supremacist power structures within dominant teaching/learning practices. To explore antiracist models of teaching and learning, the workshop will follow an “unconference-model” of facilitation that embodies decentralized practices and resists the historically dominant “power-over” teaching/learning model. The BAX staff will share questions with which the BAX community is wrestling, including how to manifest power-within and power-with rather than power-over in class and studio environments. The workshop will be participant-driven and grow from the questions and experiences of those who take part. At the close of the workshop, facilitators will invite participants to make connections back to their own teaching environments. They will also introduce a working list of teaching/learning practices that they have cultivated in their ongoing antiracist arts education efforts at BAX.


E. The Art of Puppetry: Activating Student Artistry
Lauren Chapman, Manager of Teaching and Learning and Resident Teaching Artist, Rachel Lee, Teaching Artist Coordinator, Teaching and Learning, Disney Theatrical Group

Step into the role of artist and performer in Disney Theatrical Group’s Art of Puppetry workshop. Through an exploration of puppetry in The Lion King on Broadway, participants will discover how to distill high-level artistic concepts and turn them into a scaffolded and engaging lesson. Through experiential learning followed by reapplication, participants will explore how to incorporate this type of scaffolding into their own work to give students freedom to explore their potential as creators.


F. The Power of Performance in Early Childhood Dance
Jennifer Eisenberg, Master Teaching Artist, Jerome Korman, Music Director, Aileen Barry, Senior Director of Education and Outreach, National Dance Institute

In this experiential workshop, two teaching artists—a dancer/choreographer and a musician—will model a unique approach to intertwining process and performance for early elementary children. This process-oriented class is situated in a “performance context”—a framework in which students are deeply immersed in the creative process and also able to demonstrate mastery for the “audience” of peers, teacher, and the larger community.


G. Thinking Space/Drawing Space
Andrea Kantrowitz, Assistant Professor, SUNY New Paltz

This workshop offers a series of challenges that reveal multiple aspects of visuospatial reasoning, integrating functional, imaginative, and expressive approaches that can be applied in the classroom. Understanding, manipulating, and transforming 2- and 3-D objects in the world and our minds takes visuospatial reasoning. Research links spatial skills to success in a host of creative endeavors, including STEM disciplines as well as art and design fields. Participants will build spatial skills through drawing and paper folding (and unfolding).


H. Welcoming Environment: Transforming Spaces in Nontraditional Settings
Marcus D. Johnson, Director of Programs, Paul Gutkowski, District 79 Program Manager and Mentor Teaching Artist, Opening Act

How do we develop a “welcoming environment” in a space that might not be our own and is not conducive to creating? In this workshop, attendees will be able to define what a “welcoming environment” looks like within their organization and develop concrete practices to foster such an environment in any space, even outside of the traditional classroom setting.


I. Meet-Up: Emerging Leaders
Facilitators TBD



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