DATES: Wednesday, April 4 & Thursday, April 5, 2018

CONFERENCE LOCATION: Shepard Hall, The City College of New York

Convent Ave between W. 138th St. and St. Nicholas Terrace

Application Deadline: Monday, September 18, 2017at 12pm EST

FACE TO FACE is a professional development conference for arts administrators, teaching artists, and others interested in the field of arts in education. The conference strives to demonstrate effective teaching and learning strategies for practitioners in the field of arts in education, as well as to provide forums for discussion of other critical issues such as policy and advocacy, assessment, fundraising, and organizational management.

The Roundtable is accepting proposals for breakout sessions for Face to Face 2018. The Panels Committee is especially interested in proposals for sessions that actively engage participants in one or more of the seven disciplines of visual art, dance, music, theatre, film/moving image, and writing. Additional topic areas include best practices for research, assessment, and evaluations; topics related to arts administration for entry level, mid-career, and senior managers; working with diverse populations and  inclusion practices; and advocacy. For the 25th Anniversary Conference, we also seek sessions that focus on the history of the Roundtable; and the past, current and future state of arts education in New York, throughout the country, and around the world.

While there is no limit to the number of proposals an organization can submit, a maximum of two (2) proposals per organization will be selected for the conference. Neither Roundtable individual nor organizational membership is required to submit a proposal

Registration Fee

Note: Registration is required for all session presenters and panelists. The moderator and up to three (3) presenters only will be admitted to the conference for a reduced fee of $80. If the moderator or the presenters wish to attend only their own session the registration fee is $40.


Successful proposals will:

    • Investigate a critical question.
    • Explore or reference a specific art form(s), as appropriate, and demonstrate a mastery of that art form(s).
    • Involve a variety of viewpoints and/or qualified presenters and include ample time for reflection.
  • Not serve as a “commercial” for an individual or organization (i.e. “dog and pony show”). Sessions that only describe an organization’s work and successes are rarely selected.

Each session included in the conference is evaluated by an evaluator. Session evaluation includes the following criteria:

  • Relates to the description in the conference program
  • Demonstrates a mastery of content
  • Communicates content clearly and effectively
  • Stimulates lively dialogue with the participants
  • Manages time and pacing effectively
  • Incorporates opportunities for reflection
  • Initiates thoughtful dialogue and discussion
  • Uses practical examples of relevant work

In order to be considered, proposals must be submitted by 12pm EST on Monday, September 18, 2017.  Use this link to access the application.


NYC AiE Roundtable