FY17 SU-CASA Application

The Department of Cultural Affairs is pleased to announce the release of the Fiscal 2017 SU-CASA application. This City Council initiative will support arts engagement programs in New York City’s senior centers provided by cultural organizations and individual artists.
Residency grants to organizations are $15,000 each, inclusive of a $2,000 stipend to be paid by the grantee to the partner senior center.  In FY17, applicant organizations will submit a proposal to DCLA, which will be vetted by the agency. Vetted proposals will be forwarded to council members, who will match organizations with council-designated centers in their districts. Organizations may select up to five council districts in which to be considered. As the senior centers have not yet been determined, proposed programs should be adaptable and will be customized in collaboration with the senior center partner.

Organizations wishing to submit a residency proposal should be aware of the following:

•         The program is open to organizations that submitted a complete and eligible FY17 Cultural Development Fund application and members of the Cultural Institutions Group
•         Program activities will take place between January 1st 2017 and June 30th 2017
•         Each residency will provide a minimum of 60 hours of arts engagement programming for seniors
•         Each residency must also include a public program component for the surrounding community
•         If awarded, the residency must take place in the council-designated senior center
•         Grantees must remit a $2,000 stipend from the grant award to the partner senior center
•         Individual artists may not submit applications to DCA but will be eligible to participate in SU-CASA by submitting a proposal to one of the five borough-specific arts councils

The deadline for the FY17 SU-CASA proposal is Friday, November 18th. Click here to access the application, guidelines and instructions. Organizations will be required to upload a completed application to the DCA website, along with links to their supplemental materials, before the deadline.

The DCA strongly encourages attendance at the SU-CASA FY17 application seminar on November 3rd at 10:30am at the office in Lower Manhattan. At this seminar you can speak directly with DCA staff and learn information critical to preparing a competitive application.  Please click here to RSVP.  Be sure to review the instructions to help navigate the application process, and bring a copy of them with you to the seminar.

Please contact your DCA program officer or call the help desk at (212)513-9381 with any questions about SU-CASA.


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